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Instant Message Cheat.

Hey it’s me, shadowsneak1231 here giving more cheats!Today is the Instant Message Cheat.You have to type, Thats One Crazy Monkey, excactly like I did.When you do it on the Instant Messanger, you’ll see a monkey!If you do it outside of the Instant Messanger, type it and look on the Instant Messanger.Not one of your buddies, but the Fantage Instant Messanger!


Fantage Judge Cheat

It’s pretty easy/hard.All you need to do is go to the Creature Arena not Area, Arena.Don’t leave, but press tab until a yellow box goes around the World Map.Click it and then go Downtown.Go to Top Models and go to a Fashion Show that’s about to start.When it starts, wait for the theme and then Inventory.Press tab and then wait for another yellow box to go around the reporter sign (members or nons for 30 days) or Comet.Press enter and click the middle of the R of Reporter.You will exit the inventory but you can go back in it.Go back in and do the theme, QUICK.When you exit, you will be with the judge! ~shadowsneak1231.

hey guys! its near V-Day and as you know everyone has been having “Val Tryouts”  kinda like this credit to lugia0219 for saying this haha well just sayin have a GREAT V-Day! play those games and WIN! :3

hey this is one of my fantage cheats alot of you know it lol its called FLYING! what you do it you go to ccreatute area then inside.leave and go to “TAB” until on the word “my” then arrow keys “down.right.right.right.right” press enter and…. YOUR GONE! click the wall!!! there you are! do it anywhere and your flying!

 end resault! see your flying!

hi everyone! this is my own little blog (hopefully word gets out about it :P) i just wanna give cheats to help you out!  your owner,alex155660 (fantage user is alex15566 :3)